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Playmat Guard Tube

£20.00 £15.00

Playmat Tube Monster Protectors Prism-Shaped Play Mat Tube

Playmat Tube – Monster Protectors Prism-shaped Play Mat Tube – Won't Roll Off Surface and Easy in and Out Design: When you want the best, demand Monster Protectors. The number one brand in premium albums now introduces the newest addition to its line – Monster Tubes. Adorned with the Monster Logo and sporting a new revolutionary prism design, your Mat won't roll off the table, and your fingers can easily go in and out to remove your mat. You will never go round again!

Product Features:

  • Brand – Monster Protectors
  • Shipping Weight – 0.2 pounds
  • Item Dimensions – H 2 inches L 14 inches W 2 inches
  • Holds One (1) Playmat
  • Unique Prism Shape won't roll off playing surface
  • Triangular tube design allows for easy reach in to get out playmat
  • Monster Logo on Cap
  • Durable Construction


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